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AGENZIA ITALIANA PER LA COOPERAZIONE ALLO SVILUPPO  - Libano e Siria - Sede di Beirut | – ITALIAN AGENCY FOR DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION - Lebanon and Syria - Beirut Office Ambasciata d'Italia a Beirut European Union Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Lebanon

Agreement for a total of 30 million USD for the reconstruction and support to the peace process in the country. Construction of pumping stations in Dbayeh and Ashrafieh. The two stations are used to date for the supply of potable water to the Capital.
Agreement including a grant of 40.8 million euro and 59.4 million euro of soft loans for interventions in the sectors of: energy, transportation, telecommunication, water resources, health, training and environment.
Italy is committed to the allocation of 50 million euros as soft loans and 5.6 million as grants, to the Lebanese Government.
April 1998
Signature of two agreements for the implementation of initiatives in the agricultural and water/infrastructural fields for 82.6 million euros as soft loans and 2.3 million as grants.
June 2002
Framework Agreement for Development Cooperation. The basic conditions were established. Every “Project Agreement” should refer to this Agreement that also sets the mutual benefits achieved from the strengthening of bilateral relations.
October 2006
Resolution no. 74 of the DGCS’ Steering Committee establishes the Technical Local Unit (UTL) at the Embassy of Italy in Beirut.
November 2006
Signature of the Agreement “Early Recovery Assistance”, for ensuring the correct implementation of the emergency initiative ROSS.
June 2007
Resolution no. 68 of the DGCS extends the territorial mandate of the Local Technical Unit of Beirut to cover the cooperation activities implemented in Syria.
Conference of Paris (Paris III). Italy allocates 185 million euros among which 75 million as soft loans and 110 million as grants. ROSS emergency programme: technical assistance and budget support, mainly in the social, agricultural/environmental and promotion of local development sectors.
September 2007
Inauguration of the UTL.
November 2007
First Agreement “Recovery, Reconstruction and Reform”: the Parties will use the Italian intervention for the rehabilitation of sectors and of infrastructure affected by the conflict of 2006, with particular attention to the activity of budget support.
October 2008
Signature of the second Agreement “Recovery, Reconstruction and Reform”.
March 2014
Resolution no. 19 of the Steering Committee of the DGCS extends the territorial mandate of the Local Technical Unit in Beirut to cover the cooperation activities implemented in Jordan.