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Improvement of detention conditions in Lebanese prisons
700,000.00 €
Date of project
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime – UNODC – Beirut
Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior

Improvement of detention conditions in Lebanese prisons

The project aims to support the Government of Lebanon in the process of reforming the legal system with the purpose of improving the living conditions within the state prisons. It is expected to intervene at the central prison located in Roumieh where the prisoners are suffering because of the lack of basic services in addition to the inappropriate prison structures.


Therefore, and with a particular attention to the most vulnerable groups (children and detainees with mental disorder), it is expected to:

a.Guarantee the functionality of the central cuisine already equipped (serving more than 3500 detainees), and the other nearby kitchens by providing materials and hygiene kits needed to guarantee a suitable working context; held training sessions concerning health, the quality and the food management; develop and apply together with the administration of the prison, a rule for the daily use of kitchens in terms of hygiene and security.

b.Enhance the living conditions of detainees with mental illnesses, detained at the building known as "the Blue House”, through interventions for the rehabilitation and the structural renovation of this building. It is expected to add specific equipped areas (one outside for resting, one for the family visits and one inside for the different activities). Moreover, considered the lack of medical and psychiatric support, several psychiatric therapies and recreational activities will be implemented.

c.Guarantee equal opportunities for vulnerable children, mainly Syrian refugees. The main part of the material support is generally provided by families. However, some children do not receive any visits not even from their parents living in Lebanon, and they have no access to communication means. Therefore, their basic needs will be met (clothes, hygiene products, etc…) and will be allowed to communicate with their families through facilitating the visits and the phone calls. Furthermore, an appropriate psycho-social support will be offered.

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