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AGENZIA ITALIANA PER LA COOPERAZIONE ALLO SVILUPPO  - Libano e Siria - Sede di Beirut | – ITALIAN AGENCY FOR DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION - Lebanon and Syria - Beirut Office Ambasciata d'Italia a Beirut European Union Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Lebanon

Supply of equipment for the sustainable developmen t of the Shouf Reserve – AID 10625.01.6 - Lot1 CIG n. 7815763BA7 – Lot2 CIG n. 7815775590 – Lot3 CIG n. 7815787F74 - Lot4 CIG n. 7815804D7C

Supply Of Equipment for the sustainable development the Shouf Reserve:

Lot. 1 Wood cabins, stands and kiosks CIG n. 7898944EC8

Lot. 2 Fence CIG n. 7898947146

Lot. 3 Kitchen equipment CIG n. 7898948219

Lot. 4 Shredding machine CIG n. 7898953638

The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation – Beirut Office  intends to award a supply contract for the supply, delivery and installation of equipment for the sustainable development of the Shouf Reserve within the framework of the programme "Sustainable Development of the Buffer Zone of the Shouf Biosphere Reserve” - AID 10625.01.6. 

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