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International Day of Rural Women

Gender and in particular rural woman is a priority area for the Italian Development Cooperation in Lebanon.

To support rural women the project " Strengthening food security  through the improvement of dairy products techniques in favor of vulnerable groups” has been promoted  in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and  implemented through FAO.

Other initiatives have been promoted at regional and national levels such as ‘’Gender Mainstreaming’’ regional programme and the project ‘’Promoting Women’s participation in Local Governance and Development’’, launched in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA) in 2010.  The project aimed at strengthening institutions to reduce social exclusion of the most vulnerable groups of the Lebanese society through pursuing gender equality and women empowerment.

A second Phase of the project is expected to be launched in the coming months, to consolidate and strengthen the first phase achieved results, in particular integrating gender mainstreaming in MOSA strategy, policy and plans, enhancing women’s participation in local governance, and reducing the gap between urban and rural women.