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Anjar, Mejdel Anjar and Qabb Elias Wastewater Treatment Project
26,495,107.71 euro
Date of project
2015 - 2018 (2020)
CDR (Council for Development and Reconstruction)

Anjar, Mejdel Anjar and Qabb Elias Wastewater Treatment Project

The intervention aims to improve the hygiene – health conditions of the population living in the urban areas targeted by the Program for the sustainable and eco-compatible abatement of the materials which are harmful to the environment and to the water resources.

The project foresees the construction of a waste water treatment plant as well as a sewage network as per the following details:

Waste water treatment:

The waste water treatment plant will serve the villages of Anjar, Majdel Anjar, Bar Elias, El Marj and Er Raouda located at west Bekaa in addition to a part of the city of Zahle located in central Bekaa. The total population of these villages is estimated at 258,093 by the year 2015. The waste water treatment plant will treat a flow of 32,000 m3/day, and could be potentially extended to serve a population of 348,389 by the year 2040 with a flow of 42,000 m3/day.

- Sewage network:

The sewage network needed for the collection of the wastewater produced in the above mentioned villages is composed of the following:

· Waste water gravity collectors with a length of 29,558 m;

· Forcemains / Pressure lines for waste water with a length of 4,932 m;

· 591 manholes;

· Household connections;

3 pumping stations for waste water.

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