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Integrated Management Plan of the Water resources of the Nahr El Jouz focusing on the utilization of mini hydro-power
2,000,000.00 €
Date of project
2015 - 2018
Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW)
Ministry of Environment (MOE), Municipality of Tannourine

Integrated Management Plan of the Water resources of the Nahr El Jouz focusing on the utilization of mini hydro-power

 This integrated environmental initiative aims to implement a Mini-Hydro power plant as a step towards the mitigation of climate change and to enhance energy security. The project is addressed in favor of the MEW (Ministry of Energy and Water) and of the MOE (Ministry of Environment). Moreover, the technical assistance foresees the capacity development of the Government of Lebanon and its strengthening in terms of capacities to respond to the energy/environmental needs of the country.

In the context of an energy system characterized by a public monopoly, and an insufficient energy supply, the initiative foresees the installation of a mini-hydro power plant able to provide electricity to the Governmental Hospital at the Municipality of Tannourine. The immediate results will be the reduction of the energy demand and the decrease of the CO2 emissions. Moreover, the public building interested will become a permanent model for similar applications in other places.

During the elaboration of the project all the partners were involved, i.e. the MEW, the MOE and the Municipality of Tannourine..The general objective is to contribute to the strengthening of the entities of the Lebanese Government interested in the development of the sector of renewable energy and in the elaboration of a new governmental strategy for mitigating climate change.

The specific objective is to consolidate the role of renewable energy through the construction of a hydro power plant and the capacity building of the competent bodies of the Government of Lebanon. Moreover, it is expected to strengthen the role of renewable energy in Lebanon as a tool for reducing the environmental impact and the cost of energy at public buildings or buildings of public utility.


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