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Development of the Marine Environment to Serve the Needs of the Coastal Communities – CANA plus
700,000.00 €
Date of project
2015 - 2016
CNRS (National Council for Scientific Research)
Ministry of Environment

Development of the Marine Environment to Serve the Needs of the Coastal Communities – CANA plus

The general objective of the initiative is to enhance the research and the protection of the Lebanese marine and coastal environment, in order to foster a sustainable management of the coast and to strengthen the socio-economic development of local communities.

Based on the successful outcomes of the previous initiative titled "Establishing monitoring and sustainable development of the Lebanese Sea”, this intervention is aiming at monitoring the environmental status of the coastal areas, while allowing at the same time the local authorities to fulfill a sustainable decentralized management.

Through the use of Cana Research Vessel, the CNRS:

-will monitor the efficiency of the treatment plants and will analyze their surrounding marine grounds. Techniques for environmental remediation will be implemented in pilot areas and their effectiveness evaluated. The activities carried out include the use of chemical reagents and living organisms in order to neutralize marine pollutants;

-will produce high definition bathymetry maps and will examine the different parameters of the available fresh water (flow, temperature, ph, oxygen, salinity, conductivity, nutrients and bacteria) examining in detail the main underwater seal drain (UWSD) throughout the Lebanese coast;

-will carry out analysis concerning the alterations of the coastal ecosystems, particularly in the areas surrounding the estuarine areas of the Litani, Beirut and Nahr el Kalb rivers. The outcomes of this research will be subject of special awareness campaigns in at least 5 public and/or private Lebanese beaches.

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